Top Up and Withdrawal

Messages/Photos can be delivered among players here just like other social apps.
Players can contact our customer service anytime in several languages for any questions, such as Top Up/Withdrawal/Game Complaint, etc.
1. Click on “Me”.
2. Select “Bank Account”
3. Select “Add bank account”
4. Choose the bank you want to bind in.
5. Enter the verification code sent to your phone to complete the process.
Adding a bank account is convenient for withdrawing ICrown Points into your own bank account.
You’ll get the comfort and privacy of playing from your own home combined with the heart pumping experience of a casino floor. There is a reason these games are called LIVE. Everything happens in real-time, a real human being is dealing the cards to you, and other people get to participate at the same time as well.
Top Up will be rejected based on these reasons:
Receipt is not clear enough.
No time/date/transfer amount/bank account is shown on above.
Recepient referrence is not legal. (Such as: buy thing, stocks, sales…which will suspected on criminal action)
If your betting turnover is below one time mutlple of your top up amount, then you are not able to withdraw your winnings.
Example: Top up RM1000, bet RM100 (turnover =100)

As a globally renowned online gaming company, we boast a team of world-class game information experts, along with a helpful and experienced customer service team. Our professional marketing and state-of-the-art technical team work collaboratively to ensure that our customers can enjoy playing in a safe and secure environment.

Bank Payments


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